May 21st, 2014

Update on life time!

Pic 1: Got to work the LCAD graduation with a bunch of awesome students! I look like I am pulling a Magenta (Rocky Horror) haha

Pic2: First, I got my hair cut and I am apparently near sighted so I wear glasses now! But more importantly this was the opening reception for the Chuck Jones Center of Creativity! I am front and center in the brown dress surrounded by other LCAD students showing work as well as LCAD president, Chair of Illustration, and Chair of Animation!
Pic3: The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity LCAD art wall! I originally got 6 pieces in but there was limited space so it ended up being 4, haha. That’s still great!

And lastly, I do have lots of art from this semester I have yet to post but I made a promise to myself to not really do anything until the start of next month, haha. I promise things will be getting more active for sure!